How do I reset the password or bios on IBM Thinkpad 2626?

I just received a IBM Thinkpad 390, 2626-500, s/n 11L40. PII. The owner said that it was working fine but when he booted today a screen with a lock & a monitor popped up. How do I reset the bios or password so I can work on it? Thanks for your time. Ed
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You're in luck...according to the HMM (Hardware Maintenance Manual) I found on the Lenovo site, on page 69 it shows the CMOS battery under a removable cover on the bottom that also houses the modem.  

Removing the AC adapter, the laptop battery and this little sucker should reset the CMOS and get you to a bootable BIOS.  Best of luck!;lndocid=DSHY-45WM2V 
It's old enough that removing the cmos battery(if it's not soldered) will probably reset the password.
By the way, with that particular model, only the Power On password can be reset.
EtrixAuthor Commented:
It worked . It was right next to the modem like Noam said. Thanks you to all that helped.  Thanks for your time. Ed
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