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I have new iSCSi target.  The target is a Windows 2008 server running a third party iSCSI target software. THe server is on our LAN, it has 4 ethernet ports.  I want to network one of the other ports on a different new network just for iSCSI connections.  I'm not sure how I can configure that to work.  Does anyone have any ideas.  

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SteveDotConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Get a new set of IPs.  Assign an IP to the SAN, and then hook that ISCSI port to a seperate switch, then hook the server to that switch with one of the unused cards, then assign an ip on that subnet to that card.
The SAN software should have a section for which IP addresses to listen on, use the info given by SteveDot above and also set the SAN to only listen on the IP address on the new network.
mclanasaAuthor Commented:
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