iPhone and Exchange Over-The-Air Sync

We have several iPhones deployed at our organization, all of them accessing their Exchange e-mail boxes over the air via push.

One of the iPhones (and of course it belongs to the highest-up) has a unique issue not shared with the others:

When a calendar item is added to the iPhone, it does not get synchronized with Exchange.  If an item is added in Exchange, it gets synchronized over the air with the iPhone correctly.

E-mail send/receive works flawlessly, and since other phones are functioning properly I don't believe it's the server.

The user has 4 calendars (really 3) listed on their iPhone:  All, Calendar, Home and Outlook Calendar.  I don't know how to delete them, but he states that none of them synchronize with Exchange (we assumed Outlook Calendar might, but no dice).

He uses iTunes and a PC, and has upgraded to the latest firmware and iTunes version.

Any suggestions?  I'm out of ideas except for a complete wipe of the iPhone which I'd rather not do unless I have to.
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As far as I have understood this user has multiple calendars.. These should appear underneath  the "Calendar" in Outlook....
What I think is happening is that your users when on the iPhone is viewing one of these calendars or is on the "All" setting and the default calendar is set to a different calendar, and adding an item.. It will then add the item to that one calendar, therefore if you look in Outlook on one of ht eother calendars then you wont see the item.
Confusing the matter is that Outlook has a "All" view that shows all of the items from all of the Calendars in outlook, in one view, Outlook doesnt do this.
  1. Copy all events into the root calendar (might be a bit drastic! and as long as the user understands multiple calendars it will work) and delete all the other cals
  2. Change the default calendar to the one that he most regulary adds items:
  • Settings
  • Mail,Contacts and Calendars
  • Scroll to the bottom
Hopefully it is that..>!
k_dietzAuthor Commented:
Can we just delete all of the calendars on the phone and only have one that will synchronize with Exchange?  The user has no idea where the others came from or how to delete them....
Yep... If the calendar is synced with exchange then the calendars should appear under the calendar in outlook. Just delete them there... If synced via iTunes then use that to delete the calendars....
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HI k_dietz,
Any feedback...?
Under Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > (account name), is Calendars on or off?  It needs to be on to sync over the air.
k_dietzAuthor Commented:
Sorry this took so long to accept - I was waiting for the user to let me try the solution, and I've waiting WAY longer than I should have.  Thank you for your patience!
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