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We had a server crash, 2 of the Raid 5 drives went offline.  After a scrub everything is back though data was lost.  I have reinstalled Windows 2003 Ent, exchange 2003 and all service packs.  I was able to copy the priv1 & pub1.edb databases and accompaning stm files to a safe location.  Server is currently at SP2 on both the OS and exchange.  I did a hard recovery of the database files and now they show to be ok.  I can create new blank mailbox stores on the server.  Here is where I am stuck!

How do I re-create the aprox 125 mailboxes that did exist and get the repaired databases files back in use so email is back online? Is there a command that will lok at my AD and recreate them based on settings for the users?

We lost our .pst files that were created a few days ago so emerge I doubt is usefull.

If more information is needed PLEASE let me know and I'll do my best. This is day 2 of outage and begining to cause major issues.

Thanks in advance to all who help.
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colonytireConnect With a Mentor Director of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
Pickle would have been nice, it was pretty bad as we all imagined.  Worked with Msft on using the original priv1 and pub1 files but they too were corrupt.  I am now going to start a thread on the data recovery portion of the site for Veritas 9.1.

Just gotta love weeks like this one.....
? mailbox information is stored in AD.... so assuming you did a diaster recoery install of exchange, all the mailboxes will show up a disconnect and you can simply reconnect them all.
The disaster recovery install of Exchange is setup /disasterrecovery.

I think the best thing I can suggest is to call Microsoft and pay for an incident.  If nothing else, having someone else on the phone can help keep you calm and also gives you something to tell your boss.  I think it's only about $500 and they'll stay on the phone with you until it's done.  I worked through two shift changes with them on one call.

This isn't a simple fix and although someone out there may be able to help you, by the time you exchange emails...well, you'll have cost your company more than $500.
colonytireDirector of TechnologyAuthor Commented:
the initial install I used the /disasterrecovery option. After everything was finished it had no dis-joined mailboxes.  I then did a full install, repaired files with eseutil /p, have copied the repaired files into the live mdbdata folder. It will not mount the store and gives an error ID c1041724.  Msft site refers to not enough free space but have 15gig available.  In the eventviewer it shows unable to connect to jet db.

I am stumped.
soudns like you've got yourself in a pickle.... i sure hope you have the original edb's and logs still.
I'm going to side with zelron22 here... give pss a call and get them to run you through it. Or call a local consultant if there are any decent ones around.
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