AD occasionally not working with SSO

I have a user that when trying to access a portal application that should pass through his authentication, it just comes up with a sign on screen.  Below are the different  scenarios that we have went through and the outcome. Any ideas?

User A on machine A - credentials are not passed through and user sees sign on screen
User A on machine B - credentials are passed through and does not see sign on screen
User C on machine A - credentials are passed through and does not see sign on screen
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Are any of these remote users using credentials cached on a machine not on your network?  If the password in the cached credentials on the local machine don't match the password in AD then the SSO won't work because, well, they don't match.
edensandavantAuthor Commented:
The user is logging into their machine daily and still seeing the sign on screen. How can I tell if the credentials are cached?
If they can log onto the machine while it's not hooked up to your network, then the credentials are cached.
That is, if they're using a domain user account.  If they're using a local user account, then it will authenticate against the computer.
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