PDF Format Oracle Reports font size is not consistent.

My process is generating the batch oracle Reports.

Their key map is:
Key1: %* server=server1 userid=xxxs/xxx@xxxx report=D:\sample.rdf destype=file  desformat=PDF

My process is calling IAS server to generate report. IAS ser is generating and saving the report in the specified location. The problem is sometimes the report font size is very small, it is not happening all times. Many times reports are good only few times the font size is very small. Even it is not happening for all the reports. What could be the reason is there anyway to make sure that always the generated reports font size is good.
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jyothsna1803Author Commented:
Oracle is working on this issue.
The best practice is to use Standalone Forms/Reports server on Windows 2000 computer.
The computer should be localized to your language.

Also have a look here:


Oracle Reports J2EE Thin Client
jyothsna1803Author Commented:
Reports are running on the server locally and DESTYPE=FILE. So the Oracle Reports output is saved on the server itself. Whenever i open the report on my machine/server, it is causing the problem.
it seems the reports generated by using oracle reports which is Arial Unicode font type is causing the problem.
My user doesn't want to change any report layout. So i need to request Appserver to use Arial Westrn if Arial Unicode font is not found. How to configure this in the server? Or do you have any other suggestions please let me know.
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Unicode (nonEnglish letters is a big problem in Oracle Reports world.
I have big problems trying to produce reports using cyrillic languge reports.
At the beginning I tried to use Linux for the Reports Server.
I failed.
After some experiments the winning combination was as describe:
1. Windows 2000
2. Either OAS 10.1.2 or better Forms/Reports standalone server.

At least it is possible to get the visible PDF Reports.

What is the OS where Reports Server is running?
What is the language of the Report Output?

Some references from my investigations in the past (Metalink site):

Note 116536.1 - UNIX printer setup for Oracle Developer 6i and Earlier
Note 171464.1 - How To Set Up OCR and Barcode Fonts To Work With Oracle Reports On UNIX?
Note 207711.1 - How to Use Font Subsetting in Reports 9i and 10g for PDF Output
Note 210318.1 - How To use font embedding in Reports 9i for PDF output
Note 229122.1 - How to Use AFM Files Prevent Misaligned Reports Output due to Font Mapping
Note 350971.1 - Troubleshooting Guide for Font Aliasing / Font Subsetting / Font Embedding Issues

Also try to place this question in the Oracle thread.
We do not take part in that thread.
jyothsna1803Author Commented:
I am looking for options. OS is Windows 2003 and language is English.
jyothsna1803Author Commented:
I did posted the same and waiting for expert responses.
The only source in this case are metalink notes mentioned above.
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