Image Capture/Computer Backup with MDT 2008

Here's what we want:  To capture an image of an XP SP2 workstation and store it as a backup.

Here's what we did: We tried SMS OSD to capture an image, which we were successful in doing.  However, when the computer reboots, it goes into a Windows Setup wizard, like you'd see if you just deployed an image to a computer.  This is not something we want.  I'm guessing this is from the image capture CD using Sysprep.

My question:  Is there a better way to capture an image using MDT 2008 or something from Microsoft?  If not, is there a way to make it so that after a successful capture of a computer, upon reboot, it doesn't go into a Windows Setup wizard, it just boots back up like it did before with no changes to the computer or the data on that computer?
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TristanIT ManagerCommented:
There is no free Microsoft imaging solution.
You could try Clonezilla.
whats this for a backup of the pc or to deploy multiple pc's with the same image
crl0901Author Commented:
Just a straight backup of a single PC so that if the hard drive crashes, we could install a new hard drive and push that backup image down onto the new hard drive.
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TristanIT ManagerCommented:
Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery Server for Desktops
crl0901Author Commented:
I was hoping for a Microsoft solution.  We have Syamntec Ghost right now, but that costs money, so we're trying to find a free Microsoft solution, like MDT is free.
ImageX (Microsoft can do this)
it's included in the WAIK (windows automated installation kit). Imagex is scriptable and very easy to use.

to capture the image use the following syntax:

imagex /compress fast /verify /capture c: \\server02\backups\server01.wim "server.wim"

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