Exchange 2003 shared calendar with Internet users

I have a company that wishes to create a shared calendar within the organization, but also needs to have about 20 users access it from the internet.  I am researching some solutions like Google Calendar or other options (any suggestions???).

Our requirements - internal users can access the shared calendar and make entries.  External users should also be able to access the calendar and view entries.  It would be great if they could add entries too.  

Licensing will be an issue.  I don't want to create 20 user accounts for the external users.  But I have no problem creating one account and giving them OWA access - the external users don't need to be individual on the system - it's just for reviewing the calendar.

Is there any way in Exchange 2003 to lock down a user within a mailbox - so that only the calendar will work - not send/receive email?
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AdvizeITConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
We ended up going with Google Calendar.
L3370Connect With a Mentor Commented:

You can create another mailbox with its own network account. You can disable the network account since it wont necessarily be used.  Then in the mailbox properties of that account add the AD user account into it. Dont give them sendAs permissions, only whats necessary to read and view.

As for sharing the calendar to someone else not on your GAL... i dont think there is something for that.  If you are ok with giving a user network/owa access I think that may be a safer way of doing this.
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