What is a send connector and how do you set that up?

My customer just setup an Exchange Server onsite. Now email sent to AOL will not go through. ISP is AT&T. AOL wIll not allow email sent through dallasplumbing.com hosted at dreamhost.com
I read a post that said a send connector that routes email through AT&T might need to be setup. I host the domain through my account, so I have DNS access. However, I don't understand how this is to be setup to work around this problem.

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SurajConnect With a Mentor Commented:
They might have some reputation filtering at their end... you need to contact AOL for this...
coz its not we who can do anythng on this... its their Exchange server who is taking your mails to Junk
Which version of Exchange?  2007?  A send connector is part of the Hub Transport role.  It allows outbound mail flow.  You either set it up to use DNS to find the target mail server or you set up a smarthost to point it to which will handle the routing of the mail.
I beileve  you are not able to send emails to att.net right ??

create a send connector with address space *.att.net and smart host the MX of att.net on to it..[]

then restart the transport service...
this will fix it

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weknowjackAuthor Commented:
What I know is:  if email address whoever@dallasplumbing.com, using ISP AT&T and their own Exchange Server, sends to an AOL address, the email goes to the receiving aol  junk folder every time. The domain is hosted at dreamhost.com. The email is hosted on the Exch server. Does that fit your solution?
This is the remote domain issue... you sending mail to aol and it goes to their junk..
so its some settings on the anti spam filter at their end which considers your domain as spam and increases the SCL LEVEL of it
weknowjackAuthor Commented:
I guess. This is happening with all AOL addresses and is not related to junk filter settings controlled by the AOL customer, but by AOL. Is there a way to overcome this?
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