Need advice on setting up ESX 3.5 on c7000 HP Chassis - boot from SAN

When setting up ESX 3.5 on c7000 HP chassis w/BL460c g1 blades, what are best practice on configuring Boot from SAN for Qlogic 373i controllers?  With the Qlogic HBAs, we normally boot from SAN with port 1 configured to boot and Port 2 disabled. My VMware guy wants me to enable both ports and boot from both ports. I was told this is not a good idea, but I cannot remember why? Are there docs for best practices?
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repromo_earthlinkAuthor Commented:
I should clarify....

We are using Hitachi AMS1000 SAN, not HP. ESX aside, is there a problem with connecting both ports from a Qlogic HBA to Brocade 48000 switches AND making them bootable?
When I have done that in the past it has not booted because it finds the same data on more than one path.  You can have them enabled but only one setup with the proper boot lun.  After they have booted you will be able to use the other port for failover but if the you need to reboot it after that you will have to reprogram the card with the new boot data for that port.
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