WORD 2003: How do you remove Markup from a Word doc

I have a document which is being saved in Print Layout mode but when opened is being displayed in Markup mode.

removing markup from View -> Markup makes no difference as after saving it return to Markup when re-opening.

Canyou help?
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Eric FletcherConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Is this Word 2003 or Word 2007? In Word 2003, the Reviewing toolbar lets you change the view: Final will hide the markups; the default it Final showing markups. I assume there is something equivalent with Word 2007.

To get the toolbar (W2003), right-click in an empty part of the toolbar area and select the Reviewing toolbar.

You can also use the toolbar to accept all changes if you no longer need to track them: use the Accept Changes pull-down to Accept All Changes in Document.
We are talking track changes? Not paragraph marks and the like?

pythonVAuthor Commented:
Yes it's track changes only. Not paragraph marks and line breaks

pythonVAuthor Commented:
It's 2003.

Many thanks

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