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How do I initialize serial card parameters in java?

eze2227 asked
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Last Modified: 2013-11-23
I am trying to send files through a serial port to an external device. However there are some parameters of the serial card that I don't know how to change and thought maybe you might know how. The java commport library no longer supports Windows so I had to use the rxtx library instead. The parameters that I can't seem to change are the Timeout:// to "ON", CTS Handshaking://to "On", DTR circuit:// to" HANDSHAKE",RTS circuit:// to" HANDSHAKE". I have looked through the API and found nothing. Any ideas? The code it needs to go to is pasted in the "code" field and attached is a picture of the parameters that need to be changed. Any and all help is appreciated.

Thank you,
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package transfer;
import java.io.*;
import java.util.*;
//import javax.comm.*; // for SUN's serial/parallel port libraries
import gnu.io.*; // for rxtxSerial library
public class Main implements Runnable, SerialPortEventListener {
   static CommPortIdentifier portId;
   static CommPortIdentifier saveportId;
   static Enumeration        portList;
   InputStream           inputStream;
   SerialPort           serialPort;
   Thread           readThread;
   static File testFile = new File("Desktop\dislin8.hpg");
   static OutputStream      outputStream;
   static OutputStream f0 = new FileOutputStream(testFile); 
   static boolean        outputBufferEmptyFlag = false;
   public static void main(String[] args) {
      boolean           portFound = false;
      String           defaultPort;
      // determine the name of the serial port on several operating systems
      String osname = System.getProperty("os.name","").toLowerCase();
      if ( osname.startsWith("windows") ) {
         // windows
         defaultPort = "COM1";
      } else if (osname.startsWith("linux")) {
         // linux
        defaultPort = "/dev/ttyS0";
      } else if ( osname.startsWith("mac") ) {
         // mac
         defaultPort = "????";
      } else {
         System.out.println("Sorry, your operating system is not supported");
      if (args.length > 0) {
         defaultPort = args[0];
      System.out.println("Set default port to "+defaultPort);
		// parse ports and if the default port is found, initialized the reader
      portList = CommPortIdentifier.getPortIdentifiers();
      while (portList.hasMoreElements()) {
         portId = (CommPortIdentifier) portList.nextElement();
         if (portId.getPortType() == CommPortIdentifier.PORT_SERIAL) {
            if (portId.getName().equals(defaultPort)) {
               System.out.println("Found port: "+defaultPort);
               portFound = true;
               // init reader thread
               Main reader = new Main();
      if (!portFound) {
         System.out.println("port " + defaultPort + " not found.");
   public void initwritetoport() {
      // initwritetoport() assumes that the port has already been opened and
      //    initialized by "public nulltest()"
      try {
         // get the outputstream
         outputStream = serialPort.getOutputStream();
      } catch (IOException e) {}
      try {
         // activate the OUTPUT_BUFFER_EMPTY notifier
      } catch (Exception e) {
         System.out.println("Error setting event notification");
   public void writetoport() {
      System.out.println("Writing \""+messageString+"\" to "+serialPort.getName());
      try {
         // write string to serial port
      } catch (IOException e) {}
   public Main() {
      // initalize serial port
      try {
         serialPort = (SerialPort) portId.open("SimpleReadApp", 2000);
      } catch (PortInUseException e) {}
      try {
         inputStream = serialPort.getInputStream();
      } catch (IOException e) {}
      try {
      } catch (TooManyListenersException e) {}
      // activate the DATA_AVAILABLE notifier
      try {
         // set port parameters
         serialPort.setSerialPortParams(9600, SerialPort.DATABITS_8, 
                   // I need help changing more parameters here please.What can I do?
      } catch (UnsupportedCommOperationException e) {}
      // start the read thread
      readThread = new Thread(this);
   public void run() {
      // first thing in the thread, we initialize the write operation
      try {
         while (true) {
            // write string to port, the serialEvent will read it
      } catch (InterruptedException e) {}
   public void serialEvent(SerialPortEvent event) {
      switch (event.getEventType()) {
      case SerialPortEvent.BI:
      case SerialPortEvent.OE:
      case SerialPortEvent.FE:
      case SerialPortEvent.PE:
      case SerialPortEvent.CD:
      case SerialPortEvent.CTS:
      case SerialPortEvent.DSR:
      case SerialPortEvent.RI:
      case SerialPortEvent.OUTPUT_BUFFER_EMPTY:
      case SerialPortEvent.DATA_AVAILABLE:
         // we get here if data has been received
         byte[] readBuffer = new byte[20];
         try {
            // read data
            while (inputStream.available() > 0) {
               int numBytes = inputStream.read(readBuffer);
            // print data
            String result  = new String(readBuffer);
            System.out.println("Read: "+result);
         } catch (IOException e) {}

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javacomm for windows  is still around if you really wanted to try it

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