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This cant be that hard but how can I populate a listbox. I'm using LINQ but it shouldnt matter.

If I use listbox.Items.Add(whatever)..this works but i need the "key" value also.

if I do lisbox.Attributes.Add(key,value).. i dont get anything in the list box. This is what i have.
var siteNames = from sValues in dc.LSite
                          where !sValues.Id.Equals(Guid.Empty)
                          select sValues;
        foreach (var p in siteNames)
            lbSites.Attributes.Add(p.Code, p.Name);

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Albert Van HalenConnect With a Mentor Analyst developerCommented:
Use this
lbSites.Items.Add(new ListItem(p.Code, p.Name)); // first parameter si text, second parameter is value

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CamilliaAuthor Commented:
let me try.
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