how to install virtualle machine inside vmware HA cluster

is anbody can tell me what is best practice to create virtualle machine on vmware HA cluster? I  meen how to make disk to gain full funktionality af HA . I am new in this ,...need assistance. I know how to make virtualle machine throw virtualle center, but I not sure about creating vm on HA.
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philtpaikConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure I understand your question, but all host in your cluster should be able to read/write to the same storage for HA to work properly.

Do you have a cluster in place now? All you need to do is create a VM the way you would normally but you would do it on a host sitting in the cluster. Just make sure you have the same shared storage attached to all the hosts in the cluster and make sure the networking portion is spelled exactly the same as well (case sensitive).

hope that helps
drkeyAuthor Commented:
thanks...cluster is working...der is are 14 vm ...I have just one small question...when I making new vm throw virtuelle center on host who is in cluster-  do I go with default datastore ? I gone place vm HD in same storage as other vm on this cluster. Is this correct ? If you can answer this, I will acceptere solutions.....thanks again
drkeyAuthor Commented:
Thank's for help. That was more easy than I have expected.
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