Get Audio and Video from a distance

I run a live school news program and I am looking to do something new like a remote broadcast from our outside playground for example.  

Any ideas on how I could get live video and audio from a good distance away.  I would guess at least 200 feet.

I thought of webcams with MSN messangerr or SKYPE but our firewall blocks the video.  There might be a work around but I wanted to explore other ideas.

Any ideas? Products?

Some type of IP camera and microphone? use a long cat 5 line?

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CallandorConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I would not suggest a long cat5e line, as they are not designed to be moved around a lot.  Bring along a laptop with a webcam and connect to the school network via a regular wireless g access point, if you have line of sight and are within 200 feet.  You may need to position the access point as close as possible to where you will be, for maximum quality.
jdolan2587Author Commented:

How would I get the audio and video from the webcam?  The only solution I can think of is SKYPE or MSN Mesggenger which present firewall issues.

Anthony RussoConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Q:  There are some connection settings in Skype.  Should I change them ?

Skype can use ports other than the default so that it has a "work anywhere" configuration.  To set the ports to the following:

    * From the "File" menu select "Options"
    * Select the "Connection" tab
    * Change the port to 443
    * Select the box for "Use port 80 as an alternative for incoming connections"

This will set Skype to use two well known ports, 80 HTTP and 443 HTTPS which are open in virtually all environments.

I hope this helps you configure Skype to work with your firewall. It is needed, or a service like it, for what you are looking to do.

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Most webcam software will let you select the webcam source, including those on a LAN if they are in the same subnet.  Combined with AnthonyRusso's comment, it should be enough.
jdolan2587Author Commented:
This is great info.  Never knew that about skype.

I will look into this.
jdolan2587Author Commented:
I am also looking at either a D-link or Linksys network camera because they have audio.  They run about $100.00 not a bad solution and I can even run them wired vs wireless.

Any thoughts before I close out?

Thanks again!
IP cameras are nice, but remember that cat5 cabling is not designed to be continuously moved around.  The wireless option might be the way to go.
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