Entire directory not showing in workstation on a domain

I have an XP workstation that runs a program on the network. The service uses the domain administrator  account. This as been failing lately. I noticed that when I go to services log on tab - browse for an account and click Locations, I do not have the option for entire directory.  I only see local ccomputer. I have the same problem when trying to add a user to a local group.

What would prevent entire directory from showing up when trying to add a user from the domain. I did confirm that the workstation is still in the domain.
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oBdAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
This can happen if you have incorrect DNS settings. In short: *all* domain members may *only* use DNS servers that are authoritative for your AD DNS name; routers or external DNS server (from the ISP, for example) may *not* appear in the TCP/IP settings of any domain member (including the DCs). In a usual setup, this means that only the DC(s) may provide DNS services for AD members. Configure forwarders on your DNS servers to forward external requests to your ISP, or simply rely on the root hints.
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ajdratchAuthor Commented:
That was it, a typo in the DNS address
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