disable GPO when not connected to network

I am looking to redesign how our laptops work on and off our network, we have GPO's in place however i want the laptop to work alot better when in standlone (or not connected to the network).

At the moment when users log in we have a GPO for the laptops that:

- disblaes wireless service
- enables RPC locator
- Enables IE Proxy settings
- Disables user of Add/Remove and installation of software

When users are offsite or use their laptop at home i am wanting the above settings to be turned off or to not apply since the laptop isnt connected to the network, so basically is there a way that these settings can be turned off when the user logs in on their laptop at home???

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GPO that are applied are cached to the local machine & I don't think they can be taken off unless it took off the GPO & the machine logs back onto the domain. I'd recomend apllying these settings with a log on script & then apply a log off script to undo the settings. Several log on scripts can edit the registry such as kixstart program.
A simpler solution(as long as the GPOs are set in the user config, not computer) is just to get users to log on with a local profile instead of a domain profile when they go home. Local profile will be unaffected by said GPOs. That being said, you could create a home profile in a separate OU that is affected by different or less GPOs. I'm going for simple ideas first here.
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