Ramaxel PC2-5300U-555

I have a HP Compaq dc7800 SFF KMAT with 2GB of memory that I am tring to increase by adding 2 more sticks or purchasing 4 new ones.  The sticks say they are Ramaxel, 1GB 2RX8 PC2-5300U-555 LF.  I have searched the various memory vendors including the non-existent Ramaxel??? and found nothing that comes close to the 5300U-555 spec.  Does anyone have a clue for this?  Thanks in advance.
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>> some DDR 533's that I installed one at a time

It looks like it says you need at least 512MB for it to boot

Memory type
From 512 MB to 8 GB DDR2-Synch DRAM PC2-5300
from 512 MB to 4 GB DDR2-Synch DRAM PC2-6400 non-ECC
(single or dual channel configurations)

What HP has for memory: (click the "View complete compatibility list" to see if your system is listed)

You can also go to the Kingston and Crucial sites and use their memory finder

How did you get DDR 266 in it? You're lucky you didn't toast something.
My first thought is 533 DDR, but who knows.
Try running:



alAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the comment coral47.  I forgot to mention that the current sticks (2) are 667.  I have some DDR 533's that I installed one at a time but when I boot the system, it beebs back and never powers up.  I also threw in a 266 stick but alas, the same response.  So I am looking for replacements for this system.  The HP/Compaq site was no help.
alAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the assist. I actually found a some sticks sitting in a desk drawer that were from another vendor (Crucial) and they popped right in so I bought what I needed.  Thanks again.
Thank you much.   : )
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