server recommendation for 50 users Terminal Server

What would be the hardware recommendation for a 50 users Terminal Server. An also would you recommend Windows 2003 server or Win 2008 server? thanks
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arndawgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It really depends on how your users work. It's very difficult knowing this based on only user number. My advice is to go for Windows 2008. The terminal services have a lot of important improvements over 2003.

I would just get a decent server with 8 cores and perhaps 16GB of ram. If you later find that this is not enough, upgrade ram. When you're starting to run out of CPU resources and or IOPS you should add another server in the terminal services farm. You probably should have two servers to start with  for redundancy and you can easily add more resources in the ts-farm when needed.

Using TS Sessionbroker and DNS round robin you will have a nice little TS farm.

I recommend Folder redirection instead of roaming profiles for TS.
What apps will you be running, MS Office, QuickBooks, etc?
wirlanAuthor Commented:
We will only run SAP for those TS clients. My understanding is that SAP is consider a heavy app.
wirlanAuthor Commented:
awesome job, thanks for the recommendation
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