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Choose GM45 or Q35 for motherboard chipset

I am trying to search for a powerful mini-itx motherboard.

Finally 2 catelogs to choice

1)Has latest chipset GM45 epress, but FSB only 1066MHz, such as IM-GM45(MSI)

2)Not latest chipset Q35, but FSB higher 1333MHz, such as LV-678(Commell)

I am develope a portable equipment.
Software inside need high speed hardware. If less heat also, the better.

4 Solutions
It looks like the IM-GM45 uses the Mobile cpu and the LV-678 uses a regular deaktop cpu.

That usually mean the LV-678 will take handle a more 'powerful' processor.
turbot_yuAuthor Commented:

GM45 seems newer than Q35, but only support FSB upto 1066M.

Just wonder how much difference between the below.

- Q35+FSB133M or
- GM45+FSB1066M

Not sure how much difference how much difference between mobile and desktop cpu.
mobile is cooler in use (less power)
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It will depend on what is the fastest processor each supports, but all other things being equal, a faster FSB will mean faster processing.  The FSB is how Intel cpus communicate with main memory, and the faster it is, the better.
I agree
->> faster FSB will mean faster processing <<--

CPUs are now so fast that FSB is the limiting performance factor.

Faster CPU with same FSB basically means CPU waits faster. - RAM is still same speed.
Same CPU with slower FSB basically means CPU waits longer.

Assuming the same number of Cores in CPU then choose option with fastest FSB.
Thank you much.   : )

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