Terminal server printing issues. Multiple print jobs redirected to local printer from test page.

This just started happening out of the blue and this setup has worked for years prior to this problem. There have been no changes to the server or printers to cause this problem.

All other printers connected to the print server work fine.  

Server: Window 2003 terminal server
Printer: HP Laserjet 1000 connected to Window XP Pro workstation via USB. I know the HP 1000 is not supported but it has worked for years.

When a print job is redirected to a certain printer on the terminal server some strange behavior results.  Firstly, there is an error in the session on the terminal server.  It says cannot print.  When you look at the local print queue on the workstation, instead of a just one "Remote Desktop Redirected Printer Doc", there several dozen print jobs and they keep piling up.  This was the result of sending a single test page.  When you print anything locally out of the session to the printer.  It prints just fine.  I have reinstalled the same driver on both the terminal server and the local workstation.  

The printer appears when you log into the terminal session as normal.  Everything looks fine until you print.

Any ideas?
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arndawgConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First take a backup of the spooler using this tool:

Download this:

run cleanspl.exe from the console that it installs. Don't say yes to delete TCP print monitor.

Now try reinstallling the drivers you had on that server. If everything fails use the first tool to restore printer settings.
Try stopping the spooler service and going to your Print Spool Folder location.  In my case it was this:  C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS.   Once you have the spool service stopped go to this folder and delete anything in it.  Once deleted restart the print spooler service and try to print.
xweberxAuthor Commented:
The spooler backup tool working perfect to eventually troubleshoot the problem. It was a printer driver conflict that was not compatible with a terminal server.  This tool allowed us to isolate the driver and fix the problem- thanks!
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