Autocad 3d Wireframe drawing to Flash

I want to take a wireframe drawing from Autocad and export it to a flash format and be able to rotate, pan and zoom in on the drawing.

I understand that this may be possible to do with Swift 3D? Would this be a good application to try?

I suppose it being true 3D is not very important, I looked at some examples on the Swift 3D website of vector export to flash and zoom definitely looks like it should be supported, as I was able to use the flash zoom right-click function.

Would anyone have good resources that would help me figure out how to do this?
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Eaddy BarnesConnect With a Mentor ITCommented:
cswitaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Here's an idea, export the drawing as Encapsulated PostScript (.eps) from AutoCAD. Import the .eps file into Adobe After Effects. From within AE, create a composition, add your effects, and export the file as Adobe Flash (.swf). I have not tried this, but it may have potential.
quizengineConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I am a long time user of Swift 3D and can tell you that it is an excellent application. It can accept a .dxf file and has a lot of animation and output options. I highly recommend it, and there are a host of tutorials on the erain website ( that will help you get to grips with it.
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