Triple Monitor Background Vista

I have 3 Dell 21" Widescreen monitors and 2 Nvidia GeForce 8800 GTS 512 video cards(SLI disabled)
Vista Ultimate 32-bit
All 3 monitors work properly and I have had this set up many times I just finally decided I wanted one big image across all three screens instead of the same image repeated.

I would like to span a single image across all 3 screens.

Tried using the background option in Vista but it would just put the same image on each screen not span across all 3.

In the following links are 2 ways to do this but the desktopfusion cost money and has very large memory usage issues on vista at least that is what I have found.
and the other way says to use the background utility in vista and select the titled option in the background utility which failed to work and do what I wanted.
Also the instructions are only for 2 monitors not 3

Link 1:

Link 2:
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I'll tell you the painfully simple but tedious way to do this.

Take the image you want to span your 3 monitors (i'm going to assume that with 3 21" wide have a 5040 x 1050 resolution.  It may be 5760 x 1200.  The aspect ratio of the image will be horribly messed....since you're working with 48:9 ratio.  Your best bet is to start off with dual screen wallpapers, they'll stretch the best.  Or triple screen (you can find some at digital blasphemy but they aren't free).

Once you've found the image you want.  The math comes into play.

Let's say you have a dual screen image whose resolution is 2732 x 768....(2 x 1366) x 768.  And you want to fit it on a 5040 x 1050 desktop.  Open the image in paint.

Hit the image menu item and select "resize/skew"'ll see horizontal and vertical both say 100%.  Do the simple math

5040/2732 x 100 = 184.4%
1050/768 x 100 = 136.7%

Set the horizontal and virtical to those percentage values and paint will resize the image for you automatically (it may trim off the decimal points so it's best to round up.  Save the image as whatever you want.

Go to the desktop and right click -> personalize -> desktop background....
Select the modified image, and then at the bottom...believe it or not choose "tile".  This causes windows to ignore the boundries of the monitors and to tile with the size of the given image, because the new image is the exact size of the desktop.  You'll only see the one image spanned accross all 3 screens.

Now, i know this works if your primary screen (with the taskbar) is on the left most monitor, or top most monitor.  I don't know if this will work in other configurations, i highly doubt it based on what the monitors in the display settings show me.
utjacob6033Author Commented:
It does not work for me because my primary monitor is the center monitor.
Thank you for the suggestion.

I have an account at Digital Blasphemy and have gotten the triple screen images and I have tried using the split image option there.
Still nothing so far

I just don't want to have to pay for the DesktopFusion software
You might try taking the image as i described above.  And using paint to put it in a different order....copy the left image over to the when it tiles from the center...the left image tiles over to the left screen...since it's the furthest image to the right.....that might work.
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utjacob6033Author Commented:
Ill try that this evening and let you know how it works
utjacob6033Author Commented:
it sort of worked but not to my pleasing. I am picking when it comes to this sort of thing.
I just don't understand why windows or nvidia cannot just make that a default option and why I have to buy software to make it look perfect.
But thank you any way if no one has answered in a few days i will give you credit because it did sort of work just not as pretty as it should look like.
Thank You
I think a program called ultramon can do this for you as well as many other things for multiple monitors. May be worth trying it out.
Ultramon isn't free, which was one of the caveats to the original question.
utjacob6033Author Commented:
yes that is the problem I really don't think it is fair to have to pay for software when it should come with windows or with nvidia control panel
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