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one customer has cascaded 3 switches cascaded with each other. I need to show some good and reliable document to convince him that cascading is not recommended and uplink to direct core switch is better. Please give me link for this kind of document which says direct uplink is better than cascading.
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It really depends on how valuable your network is to your customer.

If availability is critical than explaining that one switch failing (possibly) causes all switches to lose network connectivity is a fair comment.  The time it takes to replace the switch is the time their network is non-operational is what you have to get across to your customer.

If the customer is willing to have anyone attached to any of the switches unable to work on the network whilst you replace a failed switch than you won't convince them.  

Rexxus is right...

And another thing is speed, every switch has transfer limit (GBit/sec) so if I would have more switches in cascade all tha traffic will go to the core switch just through one switch.

So for 3 switches with 24 ports and 100Mbit/s on every port, its 48x100 ... 4,8 GBit/s ... for traffic from the middle switch to the core. Its not much for only 3 switchs in network because HP Procurve has cca. Ggbit/s transfer limit.

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