perl script to compare two xml files

perl script to compare two xml files

appreciate if someone tell me how to write a perl script to compare two xml files and difference out the mismatched elements into another file
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You need to install that module.  If using ActiveState perl, then at a prompt:
    ppm install XML-SemanticCompare
What format do you want the output?

What differences do you care about?
    Same tags, but in different order?
    Tag content?
    Tag attributes?

If you could post 2 sample files, and the sample output, it'll be easier to get what you want.
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vpavan77Author Commented:
Thanks for the inputs... I am adding two xml files for reference

I want to compare these two xml files and diff out to a plain text with the missing keys in the file

For example - In File1.xml there are actually 6 elements(keys) and in the File2.xml there are only 5 elements(keys).  The missing one is <translation lookup="label.registration.enterinfo">  This missing should be printed to another file say "differeences.txt"

Appreciate your quick response
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<translations language="ENG_US">
  <translation lookup="label.login">Login</translation>
  <translation lookup="label.cancel">Cancel</translation>
  <translation lookup="label.username">User Name</translation>
  <translation lookup="label.rememberme">Remember Me</translation>
  <translation lookup="label.password">Password</translation>
  <translation lookup="label.registration.enterinfo">Enter your information</translation>
File2.xml below
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<translations language="GER_DE">
  <translation lookup="label.login">Anmelden</translation>
  <translation lookup="label.cancel">Abbrechen</translation>
  <translation lookup="label.username">Benutzername</translation>
  <translation lookup="label.rememberme">Speichern</translation>
  <translation lookup="label.password">Passwort</translation>
I wan't aware of the xmldiff program... will it do what you need?
vpavan77Author Commented:
I don't have any program on hand and am very new to Perl.  I want a perl script which does the above requirement.  Appreciate if you can help.

use XML::SemanticCompare;
my $x = XML::SemanticCompare->new;
#NOTE: Change the filenames as needed
local $/;
open(my $in, "<file1.xml") or die "File1: $!\n";
my $xml1=<$in>;
open($in, "<file2.xml") or die "File2: $!\n";
my $xml2=<$in>;
open(my $out, ">output.txt") or die "Output: $!\n";
# get the diffs
my $diffs_arrayref = $x->diff($control_xml, $test_xml);
print $out @$diffs_arrayref;

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vpavan77Author Commented:
Thanks for the code... whe I run the code, I got the following error

Can't locate XML/ in @INC (@INC contains: C:/Perl/lib C:/Perl/site/lib .)
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