logonui.exe error in Windows XP

Every time I boot my computer I  get first this error message: "logonui.exe - Application Error: The instruction at '0x0037149c' referenced memory at '0x0113a170'. The memory cold not be 'read'.". The error dialog box gives me the options 'OK' to terminate and 'Cancel to debug'. But by selecting either one system keeps bringing up similar errors. After selecting OK a few times, I get the logon screen, but am unable to enter enytthing there. Cntrl- Alt-Del also does not work. This is happen even in the Safe Mode, Safe Mode with Networking  and Boot using Last Good Configuration. When I try Safe Mode with command prompt, they system tries to boot, but then reboots again.
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johnb6767Connect With a Mentor Commented:
2 things....

Pull the HDD out, and slave it to another machine, to scan for Spyware, and Viruses....

Secondly, while it is slaved, look in teh event logs, on the host, and see if you have any errors pertaining to DISK, NTFS, ATAPI or FTDISK. Might need to run a chkdsk /f /r on the drive (if you have a good backup).

gurutekAuthor Commented:
Thanks John,
The Disk was virus-infected. As suggested, after slaving and scanning it , the problem got resolved.
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