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how can I use Hazel (a program that moves files to other folders on your mac depending on rules you set up) to FTP or Mail Pictures to my family? I know how to move files on my computer but not open programs and email or ftp them.
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Eoin OSullivanConsultantCommented:
If you have Transmit & Automator .. then you can do this .. but tread with care

You'll need 3 folders.

Source .. this is the folder Hazel will monitor and apply rules to ..
Emails .. this folders contents will be attached to an email
FTP .. this folders contents will be FTP'd to the web

You can create an Automator Task for each action
1. FTP selected files to a desired Location (using the Transmit Automator plug-ins)
2. Attach selected files to an Email

Creating the Automator scripts takes a little experimentation .. for example the Email one needs 4 steps
Get Specified Finder items (where you set the Emails folder)
Get Folder Contents
New Mail Message
Add Attachments to Front Message

This will create a new email with the contents of the Email folder attached.

Now you can save the Workflow (as a Plugin and associate it as a Folder Action on the Email Folder you created earlier.

Whenever hazel moves files to this folder, the Workflow will detect the changes and run the action and create a new email with attachments.

NOTE: You may want to add a extra step or two to the workflow to then DELETE the contents of the Email folder as it will grow over time.

carloslasoAuthor Commented:
thanks for the great response
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