How to convert Cisco 7910 IP Phone to SIP Phone ?

Hi Everyone !

I purchased 3 Cisco 7910 IP Phone.  As it was long back I dont know how to unlock them (I know it is locked as they are second hand phones).  Also I want to use them with my hosted PBX service provider and which only supports SIP Phones.  Now, I would like to convert my existing Cisco 7910 IP Phone to SIP phone.  Please help.


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rexxusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The following has step by step guide for configuring the phone, including unlocking it:

If you want low cost your best bet would be to install asterick/trixbox, check, plenty of step by step guides to get you up and running, plus forums where you can get help for any specific issues

Asterick is open source so you can download and install for nothing.
The 7910's do not have a SIP image available.  The only Cisco provided software is for SCCP.

You'd need some sort of gateway to transcode SCCP to SIP, which may be more work than you're looking for.  See the info at:
nareenbiswassAuthor Commented:
so you mean there is no way ? gateway like hosted pbx providers ?  can you name few if you are aware.
You'd need an internal gateway, such as a asterix implementation with the sccp plugin, see

Or a cisco router with unified communications.

The phones talk sccp to the gateway and the gateway talks sip to you provider.  

nareenbiswassAuthor Commented:
it was definitely useful information.  i have one last question.  with 3 cisco 7910 IP phones (locked) and one cisco router with unified communication, can i (absolutely non-technical person) make these phones work or talk.  can i unlock these phones (any useful link ?) and any link on configuring cisco router...can i make it happen ?  of course, all at a low cost.  i mean is it possible or just not possible to do this.  any useful link in this regard would be of great help and also do i need to go in for any specific model cisco router unified communication.  are these pre-configured or need to do configuration by some expert.  is there any basic model which would help me like plug and play.  any information in this regard would be of great help.  low cost, plug and play and service provider to make phones work/ talk is what i am looking at.  please advise.
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