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how to view ".grf" files?

hello, i'm working with a GIS tool that exports grf files as a route description.
what are my possibilities to view this file not in xml, but in whatever possible graphic?
Erwin Pombett
Erwin Pombett
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1 Solution
 Graph Edit (graphedt.exe)
 Grapher (Grapher.exe)

Good luck
Erwin PombettAuthor Commented:
hello Psychotec and thanks for the answer,

i've installed both of them,

graph edit ask me for more infos....?????
the second only want rtf as file extensions.

i suppose, graph edit is the one you think about,
but possibly grapher.exe is not the same,

could you tell me exactly where to download the second exe?

note: the soft i'm generating grf from is ESRI Arc Logistics Route.
I thought .grf you mentioned was standing for a graphical file, but it seems to be Gravity Reference Field and this is what I read:
A plug-in is available to export routes as .grf files for use in ArcLogistics Navigator.

So you might need ArcLogistics Navigator to open those files.

can you confirm?

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Erwin PombettAuthor Commented:
yes , i confirm , that the file is generated by ArcLogistics Route.
The file is an xml file with route infos, i add a sample to be more comprehensive.

ArcLogistics haven't come out with their navigator, the app that shows the grf as in a GPS.

question :
what are my possibilities in order to render a file ready to import in a GPS., in order
to show the road?
what are the GPS input ? i know there's NMEA, but i think there's more possibilities.

any help tip advice are welcome,

thanks again.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<GRFDOC version="1.3"><ROUTE_INFO><STOPS><STOP enabled="True"><LOCATION visible="True" closed="False"><POINT x="6.066068" y="46.197584"/><TITLE>Start (Serbeco S.A)</TITLE><COMMENTS>Address: rte de verbois 40, Aire-la-ville, Genève, 1288
Geocode Address: RUE PRÉ SALOMON 25, SATIGNY, 1242
</COMMENTS></LOCATION><DURATION>900.000000</DURATION></STOP><STOP enabled="True"><LOCATION visible="True" closed="False"><POINT x="6.205940" y="46.253625"/><TITLE>Collonge_02</TITLE><COMMENTS>Geocode Address: CHEMIN PRÉ ORSAT &amp; ROUTE HERMANCE, COLLONGE-BELLERIVE, 1245
Arrive Time: 08:36:28
Volume: 100
Weight: 500
</COMMENTS></LOCATION><DURATION>300.000000</DURATION></STOP><STOP enabled="True"><LOCATION visible="True" closed="False"><POINT x="6.224195" y="46.277589"/><TITLE>Anières_03</TITLE><COMMENTS>Geocode Address: ROUTE HERMANCE &amp; RUE ASPERGIÈRE, ANIÈRES, 1247
Arrive Time: 08:45:41
Volume: 75
Weight: 500
</COMMENTS></LOCATION><DURATION>300.000000</DURATION></STOP><STOP enabled="True"><LOCATION visible="True" closed="False"><POINT x="6.237005" y="46.282873"/><TITLE>Anières_02</TITLE><COMMENTS>Geocode Address: CHEMIN COURSON &amp; ROUTE CHEVRENS, ANIÈRES, 1247
Arrive Time: 08:52:16
Volume: 100
Weight: 1'200
</COMMENTS></LOCATION><DURATION>300.000000</DURATION></STOP><STOP enabled="True"><LOCATION visible="True" closed="False"><POINT x="6.226

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Erwin PombettAuthor Commented:
i've been looking for what grf stands for but without success,
....hope my sample can help you to help me ;o)
I found this, you will need ArcPad with the streetmap extension which is for mobile:
Although GRF documents are currently generated and maintained only by the ArcPad StreetMap extension, a simple custom ArcMap scriptavailable from the ESRI Web siteallows users to select features and write the necessary information to a GRF document. After the GRF document is transferred to a handheld device, it can be opened in ArcPad StreetMap and used to find a route.

The ArcPad StreetMap extension speeds up the data preparation process and enhances productivity by providing local, high-quality maps, geocoding, and routing within an area selected by the user. In addition, as the GRFGenerator script demonstrates, with a little custom code ArcPad StreetMap can be easily integrated with other ArcGIS applications.


Good luck
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