I want to change schema master opertation role to other domain controller .

I want to change schema master opertation role to other domain controller .but the change button is grayed and other roles are changed to other domain controller successfully.
why iam doing this is when the main domain controller fails, the other domain controller is not authenticating the users.

Please help me out.
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fcsitopsConnect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I have 2 domain controllers with windows2003 standard in 2 locations.Both offices are connected by local loop. both offices are different IP pools.If the first domain controller fails the second domain controller is not authenticating users. So I tried to change the FSMO roles from first domain controller to second one. I seccedded to change the all the rolles but not schema master.
what may be reason for not authenticting the second doain controller and for changing the schema role to second domain controller "change button" is grayed even login as a administrator.
to change shema master role you have to:
1- login as schema admin .check this group in you r forest root domain controllers.
2-if your domain is windows 2000 yo have make sure that schema changes is allowed :
fcsitopsAuthor Commented:
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