any alternate (fast) way of Cisco Configuration tool ?

i have been using "Cisco Configurator Tool" for pricing the cisco products, but it is very slow.  Is there any alternative to this ? which is fast and provides same functions  ? ? ?
Pra shantAsked:
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Only other option that I am aware of that is faster is the Cisco offline configuration tool "netformx design expert".

This has the ability to check modular builds and supply a bill of material which you can then search through your price list.

2 steps though, so might not be any faster than the online tool
Not that I know of, a faster way is to speak to your local Cisco SE and see if they can provide you with a downloadable price list.

A local price list is quicker to search than any online tools I've tried, only thing is you have to know what you're searching for.
Pra shantAuthor Commented:
well, thank you for your comment. I am also using the price list to search for the fixed configuration items. But when it comes to modular items, we sometimes have compatibility issues which only configurator tool can check. so for modular items, price list may not be that useful.
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