SBS 2008 DHCP service stops because on the same LAN there is another DHCP server. How can I shield my dhcp server from stopping ?

I am running SBS 2008 using the DHCP services. On the same LAN but in a different domain there is a SBS 2003 server. As the SBS 2003 server is running DHCP, from time to time it stops the DHCP service running on SBS 2008. I have bound the necessary NIC to the scope using the Bind setting within DHCP.

Is there a way of running DHCP without knocking out my service ?
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Hello CaussyR,

if the sbs 2008 sees another dhcp server on the same network, it will stop dhcp services, that is normal behaviour.
You could add a router in between the two networks, a router stops dhcp traffic.
That way the sbs 2008 won't 'see' the sbs 2003 dhcp server.


Are the two on a different subnet thus publishing different IP range?
CaussyRAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the advice
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