Access Report subform doesn't show/apper in paper

  I have an Access 2003 report that  has an embedded subform whose source object is an access 2003 Query (i.e. uspRptActividadesINPrev). When I see the report in its preview form the subform shows the data I want, however, if I send it to the printer in order to obtain a paper-based copy of it, the subform data is not printed and a blank space is shown in its place. I cannot seem to find the problem, thus, I will appreciate your help.

   I have attached a JPG file showing the subform data in the report's preview form that doesn't appear in the printed one.

Best Regards
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jppintoConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Checj the page setup of your report. Maybe the subreport width is greater than the width of your report or paper definition. Try this: decrease the width of your report on Report design to half the size and without saving the report, run the report to see if it appears on paper.

pancho_alvarezAuthor Commented:
Hello jppinto,
                        You were almost right when you suggested that it was something about the width of the REPORT. Originally the report was developed in an Access 2000 database with a then I converted the Access 2000 database into an Access 2002-2003 one. I just modified on the "page setup" option the size of the page from LETTER -which appears to be the default option in Access 2003- to A4 -European standard- and that fixied the problem.
                        The points are yours anyways.

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