Draytek 2820VN router and DMZ

I have just purchased a Draytek 2820Vn and am having problems with a DMZ host.

Local Lan is (ie. netmask
DHCP starts at through to the max allowed hosts for that subnet.
I have a configured host inside my lan, and have bound the mac address of it to
I have configured as the DMZ Host on my lan. The host at is another firewall that creates its own VPN with an external host on the internet via the DSL router.
I have turned off the 2820's VPN settings to allow passthrough of VPN traffic.

The DMZ host does not seem to be able to communicate back out to the VPN partner on the internet.

I have this exact same config on a Billion 7402 and a Dynalink RTA1046 and it works fine.

What am I missing with the Draytek? There must be a config inside the draytek that I've not set up right.

I am using Australian firmware 3.3.0.

Draytek have a live web demo of their 2820 firmware here: http://www.draytek.com/demo/Vigor2820/index.htm


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wbcintsolAuthor Commented:
I found the answer. The Draytek needs to be placed into VPN bypass mode, and this can only be done from the CLI.

Telnet in, and issue the command:

'srv nat ipsecpass on'  (wthout the quotes)

To check, then issue the command:

'srv nat ipsecpass status' (without the quotes).

This causes all IPSEC traffic to passthru to the DMZ untouched by the router itself.

So have you basically set up a Data Filter rule that allows any data at all to be directed to Have you associated an external IP address with this host?
wbcintsolAuthor Commented:
The data filter is the specification of the DMZ host at, and yes there is a connected host at

The DMZ rule should forward all unwanted external traffic from my outside facing IP to my DMZ internal address.

As I said the exact setup worked fine on the Billion and Dynalink.
Can you post up a print screen of the data filter pages?
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