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A client has requested that we let their members text in comments and video clips, is this possible and what would be the considerations? Would we need to pay to receive the texts?
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lazypeopleConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hey i use itagg.com comes with an api easy to use and can also be setup for very little money. You can also buy premium numbers within the UK (unsure about other countries) for people to text to providing an additional revenue stream for the site.

Also other conciderations depending on what country you are from in england the body ofcom have strict guidlines of premium text rate numbers which you must follow. I would imagine there are similar rules n other countries.


How to Comment:
Blog readers can send a text to +447913694107 starting with the word blog followed by the blog post ID (end number of post url), a colon and then the comment message, for example:
blog 126:Hello World 
The text message above will post a comment to this blog (entry 126). You will then shortly receive a Thank you for your comment. reply and your text message will appear in the blog comments.
It is still in very basic testing stage at the moment but please feel free to give it a whirl, I would love to read your comments both via mobile text messages or by commenting the standard way below.
Some blogging sites such as Blogger allow you to post text and images (up to 10MB) by sending a text or e-mail to an address you set up in your Blogger settings (yoursite.yourchoice@blogger.com). Blogger calls the service Mail2Blogger, and as far as I know, it's free. The subject line ends up being the title of the post.
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