Toshiba E-Studio 2550C & Windows Vista

We have a Toshiba E-Studio 2500C & Windows Vista SP1 PCs are unable to connect to the share on this printer. The share is just a location where scanned docs go to. All XP machines & a Vista PC withut SP1 can connect to it fine.

Error: [device name] is inaccessible. You may not have permission to access the resource.

The account is not authorized to log in from this station.

Any suggestions would be greatly received as uninstalling SP1 is a last resort.
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cybis1Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
The Toshiba printer has a share on its hard disk that is accessible to all on the domain. There are no permissions in place on this share whatsoever. PCs simply browse to the printer (shows up as a network device) then map a network drive to the share. When a user scans a doc it goes into this share (its not a particularly sophisticated system) as a PDF where it can be acced on the PC via the share. The Vista machines will not access this share. See original error message. The problem needed to be resolved quickly and the resolution was to remove Vista SP1. As soon as this was done the PC could access the share once again.
are you mapping the share with the users account or guest?
cybis1Author Commented:
Mapping to the share with the user account. There are no permission restrictions on the Toshiba.
The PC is able to map drives to the SBS server based shares OK.
Sorry, I'm not shure if I understant.
Are you trying to scan to a folder shared on the server?
Is this server also a domain controller?
Or is part of a domain?
What is the server operating system?
Did you gave share permissions and also security permissions for that shared folder?

Here is one of my posts that may help you if you are having problems with the authentication.

hope this helps

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