Do Delphi 6 or later versions have an enhanced ListBox?

Dear Experts,
A short question which I'm sure you can all answer with your eyes closed!

I am still using Delphi 5 with its rather limited ListBox, which has always irritated me.
Granted I have used 3rd Party enhanced ListBoxes (e.g. the Delphi Free Stuff one) that do the job fine but it would be nice to have it built-in to Delphi.

Do Delphi 6, 7 or later versions incorporate an enhanced version of this?
For example:
It should have multiple columns and adjustable width column headers?
The ability to adjust widths if you click on the divider
Sort by the column you click on as well as display a "sorting symbol" in the column header

I suppose the Delphi 5 one was based on what Windows 98 had in a DLL somewhere, so perhaps the answer depends on whether Windows 2000 or XP have a better ListBox!

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MerijnBConnect With a Mentor Sr. Software EngineerCommented:
No real additions up to D2006 (which I'm using currently), some things like you can influence how auto completion works. I think virtual style is the biggest change since D5. Certainly no things like column headers like you describe.
MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
It seems you are looking for a TListView, not a TListBox
MerijnBSr. Software EngineerCommented:
I did a quick check, the TListView component is already available in Delphi 5. It's on the Win32 tab, set the ViewStyle property to vsReport to get the behavior you are describing.
WinRatAuthor Commented:
Hi MerijnB,

Actually I should I have clarified that I do use TListView on occasion but I tend to use TListBox for quickly-thrown-together test programs, you know 15-minute apps! I also find I have to delve into the Help to get going with the ListView, whereas the ListBox is as easy as can be.

Anyway I still would like to know whether the TListBox was improved in later Delphi versions. During my searching I read that D6 had introduced a virtual listbox style so maybe there were other enhancements made too.

If no-one else answers by tomorrow afternoon, to give them a fair chance, I'll award you the points.

WinRatAuthor Commented:
Since you are using  Delphi 2006 I think that's good enough for me to go with your answer.
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