Security Logs Flooded

The security logs on one of the domain controllers is flooded with object access events. In 1 minute I receive over 20K of events. I've disabled all auditing on both the domain and DC policies and they're still coming in. I'm also getting repeated lockouts on one of the domain admin accounts.
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brent4257Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
I discovered auditing can also be configured locally even on a domain controller. Once I turned off the domain and domain controller policy the local policy kicked in. It was configured by a previous admin and unknown to anyone. The policy had all auditing turned on thus the huge increase in events. By running gpedit.msc on the DC I was able to disable all the auditing and thus review the security logs. All DCs had to be examined this way to prevent any further incidents. Once this was done we reset the domain and domain controller audit policy back. Additionally we used ADSIedit and discovered on the security of the domain, configuration, and schema partitions that auditing had be set. Logs are now back reporting normally.
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