How to change SBS 2003 server into a Windows Standard 2003 Server

Hello Experts:

I am currently running a SBS 2003 Server and I would like to convert it to a Windows Standard 2003 Server.  Is this possible?  About a year ago, I seperated Exchange from the SBS and am running a seperate Excange 2007 server.  So email shouldn't be an issue in the changing from SBS 2003 to a standard server.  

Thanks for the help
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That would work with the transition pack. The transition pack removes the SBS restrictions and gives you the "full" licenses for the integrated products; the price for the transition pack is about the difference between the price for the SBS and the price of the full licenses. Since you've already taken Exchange out of the equation, this might be more expensive than just buying a normal server license (unless you can use the additional Exchange licenses).

Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Transition Pack

Documentation for Microsoft Windows Small Business Server 2003 R2 Transition Pack
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