Cisco - Removing a route-map

On my 4507 we have the following snippett in the config. This was because we had two pathes out to the internet and it we needed a way to force certain boxes to talk out a particular firewall. We've since decommisioned these boxes and also that firewall. I'd like to clean up the config so it doesn't come back to bite me later on. Can someone tell me the correct commands to use to remove this stuff.

Thanks in advance

logging trap notifications
access-list 1 permit
access-list 1 permit
route-map SSL permit 10
 match ip address 1
 set ip next-hop
route-map ssl permit 10
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Router(config)#no route-map SSL permit 10
also do...

no access-list 1

you wont need that anymore as your route map is gone.

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