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filed/foldered glasses returning to inbox

Here's another strange situation:

 In a company of 400, this only seems to affect 1 person:

 We're using exchange 2007. The client is outlook 2003. The mailbox is quite small (250mb) - in the past it was probably closer to 2gb.
Emails filed away with rules stay in their folder.

Emails filed away manually, can come back sometimes as recent as a couple of weeks, other time after several months - they simply re-appear in the inbox. Happens to some emails across various folders and subfolders, as far as I can see no rhyme or reason.

The user had several flagged messages return to his inbox.
I've tried /cleanviews and webmail which show consistent views with outlook and the previously filed emails in the inbox.

I've had a look through rules, but there only 4 straightforward rules which shouldn't produce this behaviour.

User persistently bugs me and thinks the ideal solution would be to get rid of the PC and put an imac in place!

Any ideas much appreciated.
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David LeeCommented:
Hi, dbhatoa.

You should check to see if the infividual has any of the following
 - Blackberry or smartphone/PDA that syncs with the mailbox
 - Macros
 - Add-ins
 - Other utilities or software that interfaces with Outlook

Outlook simply doesn't have the ability to do this and I have never seen it turn out to be Outlook causing this behavior.  Moving items requires some sort of active process that's looking through the folders or performing some operation on the folders.  Outlook doesn't do either except in the case of archiving, and archiving never returns anything to the inbox.
dbhatoaAuthor Commented:
he has a blackberry that syncs with folder redirection

no macros,

the following add-ins:-

symantec av
enterprise vault
delegate access
deleted item recovery
meeting place for outlook
exchange extensions commands
exchange extensions property pages

essentially a standard setup firm wide
David LeeCommented:
Not having access to the computer I can't say what is causing the problem.  The best I can say is that it isn't Outlook.  I've not used all of the items you listed, so the best I can do is make an educated guess.  My first thought is the Blackberry.  The owner is moving the messages on the Blackberry which is causing them to move in Outlook.  I doubt if it's Symantec AV.  I don't know what Enterprise Vault is and I've not used Deleted Item Recovery.  Those would be my next two choices though since they sound like the type of thing that would be scanning folders and/or have the ability to move items.
dbhatoaAuthor Commented:
blackbery leaves the items in the source folder,  with folder redirection setup you can view the folder on the bb

 enterprise vault archives old emails/stores attachments - possibly the culprit, but this is used by virtually all if not all other 400 members without this issue

deleted item recovery simply allows recovery of items even if out of deleted items, again standard across the firm

It's honestly a bummer - at this point needle in a haystack

 I'm wondering if there could be any issues with the exchange account that would do this
David LeeCommented:
"blackbery leaves the items in the source folder,  with folder redirection setup you can view the folder on the bb"

Yes, but the BB also reconciles with the Outlook client.  I don't use a BB anymore, but I remember being able to to move a message on the BB and the reconciliation would cause it to move in Outlook too.

"I'm wondering if there could be any issues with the exchange account that would do this"

I can't say it's impossible, but I think it's unlikely.  

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