outlook 2007 no instant search

Hi Guys / Girls

i have a machine here in the office which does not allow instant search from within outlook,

machine config is as follows

windows XP with SP3
office 2007 with SP1

so far i have tried the following to fix the problem

i have rebuilt the indexes
i have done a repair install on outlook
i have removed the outlook profile and recreated it
i have tried stopping search via net stop wsearch and then removing the reg keys etc, i have even done a reset indexes but none of this has worked,

does anyone have anything else to try,



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war1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Hello andy-moody-support,

You may have been hitting a known Office 2003/2007 setup issue.  If you install any Office 2003 component after installing Office 2007, Outlook 2007 Instant Seaerch stops working.  You'd have to repair your Office 2007 installation to repair the issue.


Hope this helps!
andy-moody-supportAuthor Commented:
Hi, not installed any office 2003 components, since the install, and i have tried running a repair on the installation already, to no avail,

thanks for the suggestion though

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