Games, Far Cry 1 Vista 32 Bit Compatability

I successfully installed, loaded and have played the original 2004 Far Cry game on a computer running Vista Home Premium (32Bit).

However, I cannot get the cheats to work.  Here is what I have tried:

Devmode (put -Devmode at the end of the shortcut command line and the modified devmode.lua file, which worked under WinXP Pro)

Checked the compatibility options in the shortcut (WinXP SP2, Disable height settings on high DPI, Run as administrator)

The only problem is that my Dad likes Far Cry 1.  He wants it on his new computer running Vista Home Premium (32Bit).  He is a very casual gamer with no-skill and still needs cheat code trainers to play and enjoy games.  He is also a tough customer as to what kind of games he enjoys.  He likes simply to pick up a gun and start blasting away.

He does not like games with horror, monsters, space aliens, zombies or anything like that and games of complexity (using too many directional maps, buttons/functions/actions).

Not like:

-Far Cry 2
-Doom 3
-Call of Duty (1-4)
-Delta Force (all)

Does like:

-Soldier of fortune Payback
-Red Faction
-Western Outlaw
-Deadmans Hand

Given the background, I need to get the cheats working for Far Cry 1 or else I have no idea about a new game for him to try.

1) Any solid information about how I can get the FC1 cheats working?
2) Any ideas about alternative games?

Thanks ahead of time.

PS.  Dual-Boot (Vista/XP) is not an option.
Mark VolzAsked:
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ElectronicNinjaGreenBuddhaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Sometime patches fix the cheats so you can not use them, Try uninstalling the game, shutdown for 30 seconds, start again and Install the game "without" any patches, shutdown again for 30 seconds, when you boot up try to use the codes and then if that doesn't work make sure Vista has all of it's updates installed as that is often a problem with programs and games that do not work well or at all.

Good Luck
Michael WorshamInfrastructure / Solutions ArchitectCommented:
Let me first make a note describing Experts Exchange and the rules of hacks, cracks and cheats.... Experts Exchange does not condone piracy or script kiddie exploits and will do everything possible to eliminate the sharing of this kind of knowledge on the site.



Now that being said, the best thing that needs to be seen is if in fact if your system operating system (i.e. Vista) is compatible with Far Cry 1. I highly recommend you go to this website and run their tool.

Can your computer run that game?
Mark VolzAuthor Commented:
MWEComputers -

I am fully aware of < > and do not have any intention of piracy.  I bought 2 copies of the game in 2004 and then again in 2006.

I appreciate < > and checked it out.  Both my father's computer and mine pass all the benchmarks for running the game.  As stated in my original post  "I successfully installed, loaded and have played the original 2004 Far Cry game on a computer running Vista Home Premium (32Bit). "
Umm did u try patching the game yet? Its generally good practice to get into, and it often solves problems like this, i.e. compatibility problems.

As for other games...

Battlefield: Bad Company
Unreal Tournament (Any of them)
Quake, maybe?
Older Doom games are always good, pretty low-spec but fun, and pretty much just run-around-and-kill-everything kind of approach.
Mark VolzAuthor Commented:
Note: Reinstalled... and patched to 1.33 only (going to most current 1.40 messes up the coding).  So your information conceptually helped.
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