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I have joined 2 tables using a query in access, that works fine.  Just for reference, the Associd refers to a specific sales person, ssSaleKey refers to a specific sales transaction, and ssShare is either 1 or 0.5 depending on if the sale was split between 2 Associd's.

This info will be used in a crystal report later.  I need a query that will tell me how many sales each associate had on each day, including the half shares.  The code below is the query that joins the 2 tables so I have all of the info in one place.  I need a query from the below query.
SELECT [Sale Associate].Associd, [Sale Associate].ssSaleKey, [Sale Associate].ssShare, SalelineAssoc.slSaleKey, SalelineAssoc.SlDate
FROM [Sale Associate] INNER JOIN SalelineAssoc ON [Sale Associate].ssSaleKey=SalelineAssoc.slSaleKey;

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Sean RhudyPresidentAsked:
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dqmqConnect With a Mentor Commented:

SELECT [Sale Associate].Associd, SalelineAssoc.SlDate, count(*) as SalesCount
FROM [Sale Associate] INNER JOIN SalelineAssoc 
ON [Sale Associate].ssSaleKey=SalelineAssoc.slSaleKey
GROUP BY [Sale Associate].Associd, SalelineAssoc.SlDate

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