Splitting VLAN's accross a Point-to-Point T1

Hello, we have recently added a Point-to_point T1 to an office accross the street. The sites are tied together by ADTRAN TSU's. We use Procurve POE L2/L3 switches and sonicwall firewalls. When service provider came in to provision VOIP phone system (Mitel) they created VLAN-22 ( on the main site, and accross the street they created VLAN-22 ( I have not seen this before and was wondering if it's a best practice, or is there a better way to go? We are seeing packet drops on the sonicwalls like from with a mac address of one of the adtrans. Also the outside addresses (not on either subnet) somehow seem to be showing up in the sonicwall logs as an IPSPOOF (obvious because not on local subnet). So why would the connections between the TSU's show up on the local subnets..
Thanks, any pointers would be appreciated. The voice circuits seem to work ok beteen buildings but overall the PTPT1 seems slow. Would like to shake all the errors out anyway.
Thanks in advance.
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kyleb84Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Replace the cables from your sonic wall to your ADTRAN.

And, yes, having a seperate VLAN/Subnet for each site is a normal practice and a good idea - especially when there's a limited bandwidth link between the two (T1)
RedshawAuthor Commented:
Thanks for the fast response kyleb84:, not sure on replacing the cable? does this mean perhaps it's bad?, in any case the adtran on the sonicwall side is plugged into a procurve 2824(L2/L3) switch which is routing and of course is hooked to the sonicwall. I don't see any errors in the logs of either device (other than those mentioned above). I talked with procurve and sonicwall yesterday and both agree I probably have an unmatched pairing on my vlan's (in other words defined on one device and not the other). I am going to check this today and see if I can dig something up.. Other possibility might be errors on th PTP-T1 itself (provider is running tests as we speak. Thanks for the comment on the vlan/subnets it's very helpful..
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