File print sharing / Firewall Issues on 2008 server

Hi Experts,

I want to think this is a firewall issue with an 08 server.   Its roles on the network are DC/DNS/FPS.

Approxamatly once a day, users are no longer able to connect to thei fileshares on the server.  All other services remaining function DC replication/ DNS etc etc.   I can ping, and 3389 over to it.

Start/stopping the firewall does nothing...  if I reboot the server the problem goes away.   There are no errors any of the logs.

Any help appreciated.
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rgutweinConnect With a Mentor Commented:

What kind of Anti-Virus are you running.  Try disabling it temporarily and have the user try to connect to a share.  Also, make a test account and a test shared folder and give everyone full control.  see if you are able to browse to it, if you can, then you may have a permission issue with your other shares.  Also, have you tried restarting the Network File Sharing service?
gws226Author Commented:
I can't even browse to the server... let alone get to the shares.   We are running Endpoint, and its disabled.  

Let me also had, we have 5 servers running in this enviroment (2 Windows 08s) and only the above mentioned server is experiencings this issue.
tigermattConnect With a Mentor Commented:

I have been monitoring this for your response, and can pretty much guarantee with 99% certainty that Symantec Endpoint is what will cause this issue. This is the typical symptom with Endpoint and Server 2008 - and it has become so bad that Microsoft have started refusing support to any customers while Endpoint is installed.

Disabling an AV product is not usually enough. You need to fully uninstall and reboot the server, and then test without the AV software installed.

You will more than likely find that once SEP is removed, the server will function as usual. It is very random as to what servers it does it to and what servers it doesn't, but avoid that product and you will save yourself a lot of issues with your Server 2008 machines.

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I had the same exact problem with my 2008 Servers, and the issue was Kaspersky Enterprise Edition.  Even when I had it disabled, the server was extremely slow, and I could not browse to it.  I eventually had to uninstall the Kasperksy Anti-Virus and install a different one.

When you log onto your server is it so slow that it seems like it is frozen?  You may have a DNS issue too.  Try browsing by the IP address.
gws226Author Commented:
Im completely onboard with the symantec Endpoint theory. I'll spare you all my personal thoughts regarding that product.  

Its certainly worth a shot.  I'll wait until this puppy drops the shares again before I test the theory.  Be back shortly Im sure.
No problem. You may find that when it drops the shares again, you'll then have to take SEP off and reboot, and then wait again to see if it drops.

Let me know how you get on

gws226Author Commented:
Endpoint.... again... sigh.  Thanks for the help
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