HP 6735s USB drivers for XP Professional

I've been grinding my way though all the drivers required to install XP Professional on an HP 6735s Laptop (AMD Sempron SI-40)
I've got most of them, but two things elude me:
1) USB Controller Driver Device instance pci\ven_1002&dev_4396&subsys_30e4103c&rev_oo\3&61aaa01&0&92

2) PCI device Driver Device instance pci\ven_1002&dev_4383&subsys_3613103c&rev_00\3&61aaa01&0&a2

Can someone tell me where to get the drivers (and what the PCI device is)?
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phototropicConnect With a Mentor Commented:
More digging has led to this site:


which references SM bus controller driver for HP6735s here:


I have not downloaded this file myself, so be careful...

Is it your modem and a card reader?
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Vendor Code 1002 indicates that it is an ATI device. Please look to HP's site listed below and download the ATI Video drivers and install/re-install.

PhilDunfordAuthor Commented:
I already have the ATI video driver installed, which also installed a Southbridge driver. Likewise I have installed the card reader drivers.

The main problem is that the USB ports don't work at all. There does not however seem to be a chipset driver or a driver specifically for the USB ports. Thought something as low level as this would be on the XP disk, but maybe not as it's an AMD processor.

lamaslany - will list what I have installed tomorrow (machine at work) but I've done all the obvious ones.
I need to get this right, as I have about 100 machines to do and need to build an install disk with the righ drivers.
Neither of the Device Id's are listed here:


although the Vendor is ATI, as stated above.  Some digging about on the net yields this:

is apparently:
Microsoft UAA Bus Driver for High Definition Audio
details here:


and pci\ven_1002&dev_4396&subsys_30e4103c&rev_oo\3&61aaa01&0&92
is apparently:
so I guess you do need chipset drivers.
HP's drivers are here:


but no chipset drivers are listed.

PhilDunfordAuthor Commented:
Many thanks phototropic!

The SM bus controller driver from Rapidshare did the trick and fired up the USBs.

Interestingly after this, reinstalling HP's UAA bus driver and ADi soundmax drivers worked and cleared the unknown PCI device. It did however bring up a Modem on HD bus which I can't find a driver for, but as I'll never need this it' not really an issue.

Think HP need to get their house in order - no way we will be going to Vista for a LONG time!
PhilDunfordAuthor Commented:
Many Thanks
Glad to hear you got it sorted.
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