WSS 3.0 cannot connect to the configuration database

Please note that our internal server and preexisting sites are working fine.  We added a new front end web server (on the extranet) to an existing farm but when we try to browse the sites on the new server, we get a "cannot connect to the configuration database."  I have edited the connection string with no luck and have tried to research similar problems, but most point back to patching after the fact.  All communications seem to be workingfine through the firewall. What have I missed?

Dumb question, do i need sql server installed on the extranet box as well.
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abdulwriteConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Have you followed the MS recommened topology. (

Make sure the network latency.
jvperkinAuthor Commented:
The soulution was grant the SQL Server service to create SPNs dynamically for the SQL Server instances.  See kb
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