apache 2 and mod_auth_ldap Fail over authentication

Okay guys I need help I have apache 2 and I want to have ldap authentication if the user is not ldap user check a htpasswd file. I added the fbelow configuration in  .htaccess inside the folder  the ldap auth works fine but I when the ldap fail to auth the other authority is not working any ideas

AuthName "ladp auth"
AuthType Basic
AuthLDAPAuthoritative no
AuthBasicProvider ldap
AuthUserFile /dev/null
AuthLDAPURL ldap://(myldap)
AuthLDAPGroupAttribute uniqueMember
AuthLDAPGroupAttributeIsDN on
AuthLDAPBindDN (Mysearch)
AuthLDAPBindPassword dsearch
AuthUserFile /whosts/www/ldap/.htpasswd

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shouldn't that be

AuthBasicProvider ldap file


AuthUserFile /dev/null =? Why /dev/null? That makes no sense to me if you're using file-based authentication.
iaymanAuthor Commented:
Thank you
I don't know how I miss this
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