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i have the code below that basically is a reply to a message that when the user submits it puts the original message underneath whatever they type in, what i need is to format <%=reformat(rsMsg.Fields.Item("Body").Value)%> as a smaller font.  i tried using css but that will only format the whole textarea, any ideas just to format that one part?
<textarea name="body" cols="50" rows="10" wrap="VIRTUAL" onChange="getTheText(this)" onClick="getTheText(this)">                                                                                                         ------------------------------             <%=reformat(rsMsg.Fields.Item("Body").Value)%></textarea>

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CSS will only apply to the whole textarea, on it's own there is no way to format individual lines in the way you require.  Your options are to use a div in place of the textarea, which will allow you to format the text, use contenteditable on an iframe, to enable you to write rich text to it or use an off the shelf richtext editor from yahoo's yui project, or similar.

The chosen route really depends on whether or not you want the user to be able to edit the outputted text, or just read and/or selected it for copy/paste.

ckawebcreationAuthor Commented:
cheers, i didn't think so.
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